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Updated: March 30th 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Surgery Externship @ St. John Med Center, OH

Thanks to an update from a reader - the Cardiothoracic Surgery externship that I had posted earlier at Bryn Mawr Hospital, PA has now shifted to St. John Medical Center at Westlake, OH, a 200-bed hospital affiliated to Case Medical Center University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH. The physician facilitating the externship is the same - Dr. Robert Boova.

Like mentioned before, this is a cardiothoracic (CT) surgery externship and will greatly enhance your application to General Surgery residency. CT Surgery is a fellowship done after completing General surgery residency

For application information, Contact: Judy Gavin:

More details and link updated Hospital website to follow in a few days...


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Surgery Observership / Externships at Univ. Florida

The General Surgery residency at University of Florida @ Gainsville does take in a few IMGs into their program each year - either Green card holders or on J1-visas, as evidenced by the resident listing with medical schools

About Observerships, here is what the applicant webpage says:

"International student Observerships will be considered for a fee. Externships are must be arranged in advance with Department of Surgery faculty"

So for externships, you might wanna email faculty along with your resume and career goals to try and arrange for one: contact information could be obtained from Surgery subdivisions page or emailing surgery program coordinator at


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