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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vitreoretinal Research Fellowship / Observership for IMGs

I used to say 'ophTHALmology', stressing on 'THA', which most of my American resident colleagues found tough to understand - they corrected me to pronounce it as a rolling tongue "OF-thu-MAW-lugy" - with 'u' pronounced similar to first a in "America" some petty trivia ;-)

I personally know an IMG, an Opthalmic Surgeon from India, who entered a Neurology residency and then switched to an Opthal Residency at the same program after impressing the program director with research in Neuro-Opthal ...well you can get creative within your range of patience ;-) ..but here's a good opportunity to take advantage of, especially for IMGs who have completed Opthalmology in their home coutries and wishing to set foot into a Opthalmology residency in the USA. The prestigious Rush University Medical Center offers a research fellowship and observership that does not need USMLEs

Here's what the website says:

"International candidates who would like to participate in a research-based fellowship/observership can apply for a one-or two-year fellowship and will be considered separately. Please e-mail our Fellowship Coordinator at the address below and clearly indicate "RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP / OBSERVERSHIP." A license is not required for this program."

Maybe it would even be good for IMGs who have not done any Opthal residencies but plan to try their destinies in the US for the same...

Contact information here

...and yes they also take in ECFMG certified Opthalmology-completed IMGs for Direct Fellowships without a need for US residency

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Blogger SNA said...

I'm learning the hard way too here in the US- with pronunciations like Ophthalmology as you mentioned... but one request- please correct the spelling of Ophtha on the website- its OpHthalmology not Optha.. Maybe the correct spelling itself will get you to pronounce it the way they do here. It's an extremely common spelling mistake we all make! ;)

January 14, 2009 at 9:12 AM  

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